PU Foam Mattress

Polyurethane Foam (or PU Foam) mattresses are a very popular type of mattress in India. PU Foam is made from petroleum products, and due to its lower pricing is widely used in the furniture industry. PU foam is often considered a cheaper alternative to Natural Latex. Its inherent structure allows its cell walls to compress and decompress so as to adapt to the contours of our body. PU foam mattresses are made in a controlled environment, enabling standardized quality and allowing customers to choose the firmness level they desire, it's essentially a form of plastic, it is inert and hypoallergic. PU foam mattresses offer good value for money, considering its durability vs. price. In comparison to the other mattress options, PU Foam mattress` are lighter in weight and easier to handle.


23 density pure foam mattress.


28 density pure foam mattress.


32 density pure foam mattress.


40 density pure foam mattress.


50 density pure foam mattress.

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